Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HomeBiz Entrepreneur

Ever consider becoming a homebiz entrepreneur? It could well be a refreshing change from a corporate employee. Is a fast pace corporate life and a high consumption lifestyle your thing, or would a laid back shift to low gear and self-reliant lifestyle giving you back the freedom to be with your family the answer to your prayers?

Carl Honore, author of In Praise of Slow, says "Work devours the bulk of our waking hours. Everything else in life is forced to bend around the almighty work schedule."

Take control of your life and start your own homebiz entrepreneurshipMany people feel the need to regain some aspect of their working life. Answering to bosses whims and demanding orders is a sure way of losing control. Worse are those that has a distinct look down upon their subordinates thinking they are the king of the hill and grinding their employees like some soldiers in the battlefield.

One way to escape the control freaks would be to start your own business, perhaps an online homebiz using Site Build It system. After all, you may receive a pay package but felt that it is not equivalent to your talents and skills, or perhaps you have a greater skill but remain untapped or even unappreciated by your current employer. You do indeed have skills, far greater than you realize, skills that can take you far and further than being an employed would take you.

Neil Croft, author of Authentic: How to Make a Living by Being Yourself, says "Enough of us recognise our need to understand and realise our own potential, and it becomes clear that helping big corporations to become bigger and exploit better fails to deliver that for us." ...

The frustration of working under corporate workforce is just that. You are but a small little cog in their wheel of fortune. Losing you isn't a big matter to them. There are many others who could easily replace you even if you are in some senior position, where politicking is at their worse. So you may make millions for your company, and of course they may give you some bonus, a raise and some lip service. However if you can make millions for company, you know how to work the ways of income generation, so why not create start up and do it on your own?

The Advantages

Homebiz entrepreneurship liberates you from the reins of working life. You create your own job functions, you decide on your own working hours and you make your own work-life balance. Homebiz entrepreneurship is informal and ideal if you thrive on informal work at home business settings.

Doing your own work at home biz allows you to determine your own measure of success. There is a tremendous satisfaction in setting up your own homebiz and running it successfully. You will feel happier from what you have set out to do on your own.

The Disadvantages

As a homebiz entrepreneur, you face challenges of being focused in your home based business and the need to be self sufficient. You must always remain on track and stay on the path to success and not let distractions lead you on a time wasting detours. Distractions reduce your productivity and hinder your ability to achieve your daily objectives. Pull yourself together whenever you find yourself distracted and doing trivial things especially when there are important and urgent task at head that you need to tackle and settle it.

You also need to know the difference between distractions and diversions. Diversions staves off boredom and keeps you motivated. They are breaks that keep your mind fresh and to provide you interest to perform at your peak.

Here are some suggestions to minimise distractions:

  • Clear your desk of anything unconnected with the task at hand
  • Divert your phone to a voicemail
  • Unless you need to answer each and every email urgently, you may look at your email at specific times of the day. Eg check once in the morning, once in the evenings.
  • Resist taking extended lunches or tea breaks

Sometimes the task at hand seems like a big wall and you find yourself procrastinating. Try to break your task into smaller segments, and as you complete each segment, move on to the next. You will feel the satisfaction grows as each segment is completed. There may also be instances where you admire your each of your completed task, yes admire them, congratulate yourself with a reward too, but don't waste too much time as there are more things to do!


Running your own homebiz entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, especially when starting it off. You may feel isolated away from your friends and colleagues and might miss the hustle and bustle of activities of an office. So do widen your network with people which could be vital to your homebiz success. They could provide you with information or leads that would lead to sales generation or open doors for opportunities. It also helps you to keep track of what is happening your area of work. Schedule a time of when to meet up with people and build up your contact list. Contacts is vital as it was once said and still remains true to this day even with the wide online information network, "It is not what you know, but who you know that would bring about your success."

Friday, May 08, 2009

Work From Home Business Specials

SBI Mother's Day Special

It's SiteSell's $100 Mother's Day Special!
An opportunity almost as special as she is!

As if Mother's Day wasn't special enough. Make it even more special by giving Mom a chance to work from home where her heart is! WAHM! Right, work at home Moms!

SBI offers Mom the freedom to work from home. And with the SBI! $100 Mother's Day Special for only $100 more for your subscribtion, you get a free SBI!

SBI Mother's Day SpecialGive Mome the gift of working from home and save the free site for yourself. Or give it to another loved one or perhaps Mom's best friend.

Yes Moms are special and now you have a chance to give her something almost as special as she is.

But hurry, Mother's Day is coming fast. The Special ends at midnight, Mother's Day, May 10, 2009.

Please Note:

  1. Maximum of 1 order per customer.
  2. If you like, you may "save" this gift and start your second SBI site whenever you like, but no later than 9 months from date of purchase.
  3. This offer is for new orders, not renewals.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Start Your Own Small Home Business

Everybody needs a source of income to survive. Whether living in the big cities or living in the outback country, money is the medium of exchange accepted by everybody in the world to do commerce and exchange goods. Sure there are still barter system being used for those outback places, but eventually this will make way to a monetary system that is far more convenient and reliable.

But with the current state of constant changes in the commerce world, the reliance of being a salaried employee for a lifetime employment is no longer as rosy as before. We can read in the papers whenever a company is not doing well, some of the cost cutting measures has always been to trim off workers. Redundancy they call it. It is one thing to read about it in the papers and quite very different if you are the one being laid off. And if it happens to you, you will ask, "What do you mean I am redundant? No longer useful for the company?" Well, that's just it. Redundant. No longer useful to the company.

They may give you some severance package but usually this will last you for a short time, and you will need to spend the time and effort to look for another job. If you have a family to feed, and you are the sole bread winner, the pressure is on you to quickly find another job. It is not nice being out of work and desperately needing an income. Especially if the market is flooded with job seekers and your skill set is not much different from the rest.

Company may also be looking for young dynamic go getters rather than hiring an older person. For one, their pay is cheaper, they may have more energy, they may be more enthusiastic and though they may have a lack of experience, it makes them more eager to learn.

Job security? This word is no longer available for hired salary worker. No, the new economy where a person becomes an entrepreneur and knows how to create his own business anytime without anything, that's where the security is. No longer does company give a lifetime employment. Even in Japan the work culture is changing. They are one of the few countries I know where the salary man gets a lifetime of employment and usually the company they are working in is the company they will ever work for life!

If you are still holding on to a job, kudos to you. But you should consider doing something on a part time basis, not just to complement your income and make it a second income source, but to learn how to start running your very own small home business. You will never know the skills you learn can be an additional invaluable knowledge for your current work as well, thus boosting your potential demand in the job market. Or if you decided you want to be your very own boss and fire your company instead of them firing you; hey, anything is possible!

So give yourself some thought about where you want to head in your life. Most people do not have a plan for themselves. Just doing things aimlessly letting the winds of change blowing them to and fro. Like Jim Rohn said, "You may not be able to control the direction of the wind, but you sure can change the direction of your sail boat and stir the boat."

But usually most people will just read articles like this and just throw it one side and say, "Nah, this is not for me. I'm living comfortably with my current job. I feel great and I don't want to spend the time running around doing anything extra when I can just rest and relax." I was like this too. Living in the comfort zone. But there will come a time, an event in your life that will really jolt you to realize that you will need to do something in your life, or life will pass you by and left you wondering what you did wrong.

So give it some thought and think it through and consider your options.

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