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Friday, March 12, 2010

Create business website for inquiries

One thing about building and create business website for business inquiries, it sure works! With the go ahead from top management I made a very simple business website for my company that I worked for. Nothing to shout about, very plain simple business website with just the right amount of information and SEOed to target it on my desired audience. Of course there are some hiccups here and there when management wants one thing and I want another. For those products that don't seem to fit anywhere in what the general mass are searching, they fare rather poorly. Since I know what I want for my portfolio of products that I'm handling, I get good inquiries out of them. In fact I get the most inquiries for my product portfolio. Beats cold calling.

Personally I never liked cold calling. Calling up companies one-by-one and asking them for an appointment to introduce my products is such a waste of time and energy. You will get rejection after rejection and that is very bad for morale. Only the most thick headed, thick skinned person will go about this way to get new businesses. Some of this so called super salesman says it works because they say is a numbers game. The more you call, the likelihood of getting a business is higher.

For me, I don't buy that. Sure if you are talking about probability, the higher number of times you beat at prospect doors, the higher your chances of getting a customer. But don't forget, you get lots of rejection, very high level of stress for you from all the frustration and wondering when you would ever even get an appointment, let alone closing a deal.

Why? Let's talk numbers. They call it the numbers game, true. But do you know what kind of numbers we are talking about here? 1 out of 100 calls you made will give you an appointment, if you beg and cajole, you may get higher appointment rate. And out of every visit, perhaps 1 out of 100 visits will get a reaction or interest in your products or services that you offer. That's approx 1 out of 1,000 chances for you to close any sales. So do you like the sound of this? A probability of 0.1%? A numbers game they call it. If you like pain, then go ahead with your sado-machochistic tendencies.

Nope not me. Having tried it, it doesn't work. Now don't get me wrong, I work hard too, but I rather be smart about it. Let's make the time available be as productive as possible. And so creating a business website will help, and if done well, will help tremendously.

And with the go ahead, I have made a simple website, did some basic SEO, and wait. Didn't have to wait long either, the inquiries came trickling in. Entertaining some of the inquiries, eventually I close some deals without having to run around doing cold calling. More often than not, those that call in are genuine customers looking for specific products for their production needs. And what strikes me is that those customers that called in, I wouldn't have the faintest idea how to find them! They found me!

Go try it with searching phone directory and guessing what kind of target company that may need your product. More often than not, they don't need your product because they are not looking for you, or wrong industry, or just plain wrong. But when you create a business website, they come looking for you!

In marketing, I have studied about Push vs Pull. And going around knocking at doors is Pushing, and you have to push real hard. Pulling is easier, in that customers come looking for you. Sometimes you don't even need to visit them, they come visiting to you.

Now how's that for building a successful business website?

Now do yourself a favour, don't simply just create a business website. Not just any kind of business website will give you the result, you will need guidance and the best system to use is Sitesell Site Build It. It gives you the fundamental grounding to start and build a successful business website. Sure my company business website may not be using SBI, but my experience with Sitesell Site Build It made it successful, though not a big way, because of the slower process of management approval and such, but it still worked. If you have fuller control of your website business direction, then you will definitely be more successful when you use SBI wholly and fully.

So give it a try today!

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