Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Saving Money for Retirement

Came across this simple article about saving for retirement. Well for most employed people, the only option to have a comfortable amount stashed for retirement is to save, save, save! Even for a homebiz entrepreneur, saving is indeed a must too. However it would also affect your cash flow. When you put away a portion of your earnings, you are reducing that portion from working in your business.

On the other hand, if you don't put away some sum, you may not have enough when it is time to call it quits. And yet, just putting away money into your bank account is still not enough especially since there is inflationary pressure on every cost of living, you would find your purchasing power shrinking and when you retire, the money that you saved did not quite meet up to the future cost of living.

Anyway, the simple article here stressed the need to plan for retirement and to have prudent spending on your current earning. This may be easier said that done as there are dependents. You may have a family needs to take care, child education to plan, and it would seem there can never be enough leftover for savings.